ICS 33 Notes

Week 1

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Week 2

Space Efficient Code
.readlines() .read()
Reading Files

Week 3

Defining Classes
Manipulating Objects Namespace
Redefining Function Names
Accessor/Mutator Methods
Static Methods

Week 4

For Loop
Iterator Protocol
Sharing Iterators/Mutating Objects
prange Class

Week 5

Recursion VS Iteration
Hand Simulation
Proof Rules for Recursion
Mathematics Recursively
Recursive String Methods
Recursive List Processing

Week 6

Class LN
Accessing Linked Lists
Mutating Linked Lists

Week 7

Class Inheritance
Fundamental Equation of Object Oriented Programming
Inheritance Rules

Week 8

Big-O Notation
Comparing Algorithms
Computing Run Times

Week 9

The Unittest Class
Enhanced Sorting
Priority Queue

Week 10

Introduction to Java